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1911 wood shipping crate with lid


I found this under some really unattractive upholstry.  There is a date on one of the corner guard that is dated november 1911 on it.  I took the upholstry off of it and there was this underneath.  I also found some post cards from 1917 and a really ugly toy guy that I cant find online anywhere.  I know nothing else about it, let alone where it came from or what it may be worth buy am very curious to find out.  I found this at a thrift store.  It had 2 layers of fabric and some old foam so the wood still looks in great shape.  The inside had a bunch of plastered newspaper on it, and I kept the pieces of it because it does show that it is very old.  If anyone knows what it is, or how much it could be worth that would be great!  Thank you!

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