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1880's Decker Brothers, New York Upright Piano

Honestly I don't know much about pianos and I only know a few self taught tunes.  So my vocabulary of different parts of the piano may be confusing.  I will try my best with this explaination.  Here it goes...The family farmstead we reside at was established in 1883, built with 18 rail cars of bricks(great insolation for the ND winters)  and is a young 125 years young this year! :) Apparently, the Decker Brothers, New York piano was purchased at the New York World's fair by my boyfriends great-great grandfather.  He was told the piano was put in the parlor and has been in that room ever since it arrived.  We don't know much about it, only that it is beautiful and it excellent condition.  There are very, very few scuff marks on the wood.  The ones that are there blend nicely when I polish it to bring out the beauty even more.   When you open the top cover, which is shown in one of the pictures, the brass plate that shows the name and other information is still shiny with very little dust and no visible rust.  If you need more detail I would be happy to do so.  The only other information I have is the carved stamp inside of the front cover.  The date is July 28th, 1885.  At this time we are doing some restoring in our home.  Our new project is in the parlor restoring the parkay wood flooring.  In pulling up the carpet I know why they picked this piano in particular.  It is a beautiful match with the floor. There is a piano bench with it which is in fair shape with very little wear from past years.  If I can provide any additional information that can be helpful, PLEASE, let me know.  We are so interested in any information we receive on this family heirloom.  It isn't really even the value, its the history that means so much. 

Music and Music Instruments
Cherry or Mahogany wood? Not quite sure.
Distinguishing marks: 
'Paid July 28th, 1885' on the inside of the Front Cover carved with a stamp.
Date Period: 
Early 1880's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
The piano has been in the family since it was purchased. It was brought to the farmstead from a Worlds Fair and has never left the house.
For Sale?: 


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Here's a link for you regarding the company:

According to its serial number it was made about 1895, close to the time the company closed shop.  Even though fully restored uprigth painos can list for over $10,000 , there is not much demand for old Upright pianos in unrestored condtion. I see late 19th century playable pianos all the time sell for lessthan $1000.00

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