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Tell City Roll Top Desk?

I found an inexpensive roll top desk on CL. The woman selling it seemed to just want to get rid of it. She mentioned a friend brought it over, but she had no need for it. I brought it home and was checking it out when I noticed some stickers on the back. It has a blue & white Tell City sticker with pattern and finish info on it, a white sticker stating the article was inspected and approved along with the inspectors info, and a branding inside the drawer that reads: Young Republic, solid hard rock maple, Tell City Chair Co. Tell City, Indiana. It has beautiful legs, roll top works fine and even came with a chair. Anyone have any info on this desk & chair by chance?


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Submitted by Lovejoy on

Tell city has been around since the Civil War and made quite a range of furniture in older styles like roll tops, without seeing an image one can't tell if yours is a original or a later piece, though the "inspected" Label  generally indicates a later piece. Here's a link to the company website:

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Submitted by 5Hoagies on

The link to that website says the website is being revised.  I'll save the link for future reference. Below are some images of the desk and labels. Thought i'd ask about these pieces before I paint them, as I had originally planned. Thanks for your reply.


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Submitted by Lovejoy on

Based on the images this is indeed a fairly modern reproduction, it's unlikely it prdates the 1970's. Still small desks like this are popular decorating items, comparables often sell in the $400.00- $600.00 range in the shops

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