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Welcome to the new InstAppraisal! - Free & Paid Antique Appraisals

Posted 01/21/2014 01:41pm by InstAppraisal

Welcome to the new-and-improved, the original online crowd-sourced antique & collectible appraisal service.

At InstAppraisal our goal is to provide a source for free and paid antique appraisals where collectors of all sorts can gather and discuss their items and...

Welcome to the new InstAppraisal! - Free & Paid Antique Appraisals image
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You cannot vote here


We here at Instappraisal want to first of all thank each and every one of you for helping to build our community for more than 18 years! We wouldn't be here without you! There are some big changes coming to Instappraisal in the next few weeks and we hope you'll find them as exciting as we do.

Free Antique, Collectible, & Art Appraisals, Classifieds, & Information Since 1995

Instappraisal is a 100% community-driven crowdsourced antique appraisal, classified, and information site that is 100% free to use.  Antique appraisals are entered and commented on by the public (including Instappraisal expert antique appraisers) providing information on history, value, authenticity, etc.

Please share your expertise with fellow members by reviewing their antique appraisals and sharing what you may know. You can earn badges for your participation and become a recognized expert in the community.

Start by submitting a Free Antique Appraisal Request or learn about using Instappraisal.

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