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How do you best restore Victorian Oak ?

I have an Estey Wash Stand that is Victorian Oak. Looks like it's varnish has worn off a bit. I would like to restore it to it's original luster. Any suggestions on technique and products to use or not use? This is my first piece to restore, I usually just sand over wood furniture and paint it shabby chic and resale it. But this piece is in too good of condition to do that to, and my mom ( a wood restoration hobbyist at heart) actually yelled at me when I told her I was planning to paint it. Any information is welcomed. Thank you .


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Submitted by Lovejoy on

If it's Victorian the finish is most likely shellac, just touch up the bare areas with orange shellac, use several coats to build up the finish. Once it's good and dry rub over the area with 0000 steel wool and paste wax.

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