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Do religious books have any value?

I have a Bible Concordance that, as far as I can determine, was written in Glasgow, Scotland in Feb. 1850. The cover is worn and there are a couple of articals pasted on the inside cover. All of the pages are there.


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Some of the most valuable books in the world are old bibles.Mind you,these bibles are 400 to 500 years old or older.Depending on the condition of your bible I would hazard to guess that it would be worth $50 to $150.00

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Submitted by jilu95 on

The Introduction to the book is bythe Rev. david King, LLD, Minister of Greyfriers, Church in Glasgow.And  there is a "Note" to the

fourteenth English edition by John Eadie. No ther names that I can see. Thank you for your input. Jim Geib


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Submitted by jwwhid on

hello, i just saw where a book was appraised at $5000 dollars i cant remember how old it was but its was 1 of only 35 books printed at the time and it wasnt in mint condition believe it are not it was the book of morman.

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