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Wyatt Earp .44 caliber replica revolver

Wyatt Earp .44 caliber replica revolver appraisal

This unique .44 caliber Schofield is allegedly the only known surviving gun from the West’s most famous gunfight: The O.K. Corral. This non-firing replica of the famous .44 caliber Schofield owned by Wyatt Earp is displayed on a handsome wood frame with brass hangars and an identification plaque. Details overlooked in other replicas are not missed in this re-creation, such as a tiny notch in front of the trigger, a subtle short gauge on the barrel, and a missing screw on the butt plate – every detail of this piece is exactly according to the original..

This elaborately engraved reproduction is sheathed in nickel plate and carries a rugged elegance befitting a professional gambler and gunfighter of the Western Frontier.Gun Overall Length: 13.5" Gun Weight: 2.5lbs

A master engraver has painstakingly matched every fine line and flourish of the this polished, nickel-plated, antique replica gun’s unique scrollwork – on the barrel, cylinder, hammer, frame, backstrap and triggerguard. With the hammer at half-cock, you can “break” the gun open to reload, just as they did in the old days. Thumb up the hatch, swing the frame down on its hinge, and the shell-extractor glides out from the cylinder…retracting again when the gun is fully open. The 8” barrel worked to the advantage of a marksman, dampening muzzle kick and enhancing accuracy. For fast reloads, the entire frame swings down, revealing all six chambers.

Decorative Arts
Medium / Material: 
Engraved reproduction sheathed in nickle plate
Distinguishing marks: 
Franklin Mint
length 13.5" (barrel length 8")
2.5 lbs
Purchased it as a limited reproduction of Wyatt Earps revolver used at the OK Corral from the Franklin Mint.
For Sale: 
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