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william persona oil painting

My name is Tamara Tackett, my e-mail address is I am attatching a photo of both the front and the back. Thank you for your time and trouble.

it's on a hard board
Distinguishing marks: 
william persona
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
11x14 inches
I found it at a Salvation Army
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Nobody, and I repeat, Nobody can appraise fine art without physically examining the piece in question. Original Art is not something one should mess about trying to find free appraisals for. I would suggest contacting Sotheby's or Christie's, they have regular appraisal clinics where you can bring your piece in for an examination.



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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I would agree with LoveJoy if this was a Red Skelton original by someone well known or by a listed artist worth big bucks.......but a William Persona oils sell between $100 and $250 on eBay all the time. So in this case I do not agree. He is a "listed artist" with a published RETAIL ( what art galleries charge ) value of $350-750. Just because a painting is an original oil does not mean it needs a "professional" appraisal. Why would you want to pay $100-150 for an appraisal to find out a painting will sell for $300 in a gallery, but if you wanted to sell it you would likely get only $100-150 ????


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have 8 paintings by William Parsons, aka Persona. His original art often had financial themes, such a a clown looking at a newpaper, regarding financial crisis, or Ronald Regan, or Mexican art themes. Most of his paintings sold for several hundred dollars, even the finest in his early career only brought a thousand or so. Most of his late work was of poor quality. His financial theme art and clown art were most appealing, and he spent considerable energy about the eyes. Another collector has 20 clown paintings by Persona. I like his work but even the galleries on Maui did not do alot of sales in the later years. B Newnan

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