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weiman matching endtables and coffee table set

   The tables are a matching set.The leather tops are trimmed with a gold pattern.The leather on the end tables drapes over the sidesThe wood is a beautiful finish possibly a mohogony. all the legs are fitted with metal casters,none of these items have been altered from there new condition by refinishing ect. I know nothing of there value or the furniture co's history any more information regarding this would be so appreciated.They are marked under there tops with weiman heirloom quality furniture 5708.I do have more photos if that would help...thanks  614-439-0260


wood and leather
Distinguishing marks: 
weiman heirloom quality 5708 stamp underneath
Date Period: 
1940's + or -
Size and dimensions of this item: 
end table top 24"x17" ht is 27" coffee tabletop 46"x23" ht is 17"
weight is unknown however they are not heavy items
These items were purchased new by my grandmother and adorned here living room when I was achild
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I have exact table, inherited from my parents.  'Duncan Phyfe' style, #'s are meaningless, just part of manufacturing process.  High quality piece, mahogany veneer, probably from 40's-50's.  Some sources reference this type of Weiman tables having gone for up to $2,000.

However, furniture market has bottomed out in past 10-15 yrs.  Some stats reflect a 50% or greater decline in prices.  Real reason: decline of the middle-class who used to spend their money on nice items like this.  Now only wealthy spending high prices on very unique items.  An exact table sold on-line for $230 in 2009.  

I have this table listed for my children as a "potentially valuable piece", as someday prices may bounce back, is cyclical.  

Hope this helps!

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