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war ration book

This is a war ration book with stamps inside, dated 1942, found in an old abandon home that was going to be demolished. Wonderful for war memorablia.

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found in an old home
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scottincbus's picture

These kinds of "found" things are great! How nice that you saved it, and how sad that a home was being demolished. Were you able to recover or save any other materials or artifacts? Personally, I hate that anything goes into a landfill somewhere. As fewer and fewer of our WWII vets remain alive each day, these momentoes and pieces of our last great war serve to remind of the hardships and sacrifices all Americans had to contend with in order to ensure our, and our allies' freedom. Soon, there'll be no one alive to tell the tales first hand, and little reminders like war ration books, are all that'll be left. The value of things like this are still uncertain as many people still alive remembering such things don't find monetary value to be as great as sentimental value, and those folks young enough to want to collect such things don't really as of yet want to pay high prices for things so recent in history. I've seen such books before sell here in the midwest for between $5 and $20 depending on how complete they are and how good of condition they are. Perhaps holding on to these WWII related items will see a better resale return in another 10 to 20 years than they do now as the nostalgia for rembering what great-grandpa and grandma went through becomes something worth paying for. Good luck in maintaining our history, may you save and preserve many more things from the relentless bulldozers of our past!

kbfree69's picture

I agree about saving and maintaining historical materials that are saved from the landfill. The family members didn't want to save anything and when we were given permission to go in we tried to save as much as we could; ie old jewelry, glassware, pictures, letters, furniture that may be wanted by family members down the line. If not we will save them and tell the stories to our grandchildren and so on. We probably won't sell the stamps but was wondering if anyone would want them if our family or their family doesn't just so they won't be thrown away.

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