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Vintage M B Parkinson Cupids 6 View Framed Picture

This is a long framed group of six photos.  Each photo is 2 3/8" round and each photo is of the same subject:  The child is Josephine Anderson and the photographer is Morris Burke Parkinson.  Each photo is in sepia tones and in white print has the date and name of the photographer   'copywright "1897" by M. B. Parkinson'  It looks like the photos may have been cut out of individual CDV type photos.  The sepia photo part is 2 1/8" in diameter but on the same paper has a white ring around the printed photo part making each cut out 2 3/8" in diameter.   These are mounted onto a chocolate matt brown backing paper that is then framed.  Underneath each picture is printed  a title in what looks to be pencil.  The first one is Josephine in a pretty ruffled dress, playing what looks like a mandolyn and is Night, and the sixth is Josephine in the same dress as the first picture, playing a flute but I can not make out the title.  Do you know what this title would be?  These are all chest up views with the exception of the very first picture which is about hips up.   I would also like a possible value as I can only imagine this to be quite rare.  Thanks, Vicki   I will try and add a photo soon

Fine Art
Photography Paper
Distinguishing marks: 
dated 1897 M B Parkinson
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
22 3.4" by 6 1/4"
1 3/4 lb
For Sale?: 
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