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Venetian Blue Glass Candy Dish

I have an antique Venetian blue glass candy dish which was my great grandmother's. It is a saphire/ cobalt blue hand blown candy dish with clear glass "petals" ( I don't know what to call them) but each one has a small X like design on it. It has hand painted 24k gold designs on the cover, bowl, and bottom ring. the color is very intense with no irregularities in it. There are some small irregularities in the gold paint ie. longer paint strokes in some spots or thicker lines but it was done by hand so nothing major. Along with the gold paint there is a small amount of white accents around the gold. There are no cracks or chips in the glass. I know that it was originally passed down from my great great grandmother eventually to me but I do not know if she bought it or if it was in the family longer.   

Glassware and Crystal
Hand Blown blue and clear glass
Size and dimensions of this item: 
11.5" tall 5" wide (bowl) about 3" deep
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