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I would like to determine the value of this beautiful large sterling silver compote or footed center bowl which was manufactured for Tiffany Young & Ellis by J.C. Moore in 1851 or possibly 1852. According to the research I've done this piece would have been made only in 1851 or 1852. The Tiffany, Young and Ellis mark on the bowl along with the sterling marks on the foot indicate this . Prior to 1951 most American silver was coin silver. The piece has a beautiful repousse design of water lilies and triangular leaves around the bowl and foot of the piece. There are triangular leaves, three flowers and two buds around the bowl. The detail on the design is quite intricate. There is also a number 3 which I think is the pattern.

I have not been able to find many pieces with both these marks and think this may be an important piece but I'm just not familiar enough with this field to be sure. The form and design are also quite unusual. The piece weighs 16.5 troy ounces or 514.3 grams. It measures about 6 3/8" tall with a top outside diameter of 7 1/2" and a bottom or foot diameter of 4 1/2". The overall diameter at the center of the bowl is about 8 1/2" I would consider the piece to be in excellent condition. There is a little mark on the foot which I thought was a ding but after examining it closely it appears to be some type of mark or manufacturing flaw.. The areas where the piece was double stamped stering on the inside of the foot can be seen on the outside which again would have been a manufacturing flaw. The only real after manufacturing flaws I see are fine scratching from polishing which is common and a little 1/4 inch line ding which I couldn't get to show up in the images. The style or period of the compote is of the naturalistic movement.

I would like to sell this piece even though I truly hate to part with it but am not sure which method to use. If it's an important enough piece I think an auction house might be best or I could sell it online. Hopefully some of you experts out there may be able to help me determine which I should do. Any advice or additional information will be greatly appreciated. Thanking any and all of you in advance.

Best Regards,


Silver and Silver Overlay
Sterling Silver
Distinguishing marks: 
Tiffany, Young & Ellis, J.C. Moore, Pattern # 3, Double stamped sterling.
Date Period: 
1851 or 1852
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Height is approximately 6 3/8" tall, Outside top diameter is 7 1/4 ". Outside foot or bottom diameter is 4 1/2" Overall diameter is approximately 8 1/2"
16.5 Troy Ounces, 514.3 grams
Manufactured by J.C. Moore in 1851 or 1852 for Tiffany, Young & Ellis. This firm became Tiffany & Company in 1853 after Young & Ellis retired.
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