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Three piece painting by Letterman

This painting was here in the upstairs hallway when we moved here. It is a three piece painting and the name Letterman is in the bottom right hand corner. I don't know much about paintings, but I think it is a canvas painting. Can anyone tell me about this? What is it called if possible and is it worth anything?


The third picture below is a close up of the texture. This painting is pretty big! I think it is about 5' wide and 3-4' high. Thanks.

Art Deco and Art Nouveau
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Here when we bought the house
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Diesel's picture

I own a copy of this exact same painting. However, they are not true paintings. They are silkscreened on canvas by a group of artists (origin of china seems to be who most agree on although I have come across one who said made by disabled americans). At any rate they were produced for home decor sold in the furniture departments of JCPenney, Sears, and others. Made in the 1970s and 1980s they were quite popular and sold for prices ranging from $125 to $400. Most were abstract pieces but scenes of sailboats and forests were produced also. They could be gotten in various color schemes. For instance another version of the piece you have could be purchased with blue striping.  A "Letterman" piece can be spotted on "That 70's Show". Again they are not meant to be pieces of art but considered home decor. They are getting harder to find. Saw one on ebay asking $400 but I think that is a bit high. Fair value would probably be more around $175 - $225 but seeing as they are getting harder to come by and retro is in you may be able to command higher.


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