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Taylor Smith Taylor personalized plate

This is a white glass/china small serving plate personalized with the large name of "Humme" placed in the middle of it with 39 or 40 individual signatures all over the rest of the front of the plate in blue. It has a rose colored trim around the rim and a light green "tulip" painted designs around the edges. There is also an inscription in one corner on the front that says "U.G. Dept. 2/24/44". The plate has a Taylor Smith Taylor stamp on the back, the numbers under it are either 12432 or 12482 or possibly 12402.

Distinguishing marks: 
Personalized with the large name of "Humme" with several signatures all over the plate and the inscription "U.G. Dept. 2/24/44 - has a Taylor Smith Taylor stamp on the back
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
13 1/2 inches long - 10 1/2 inches wide
Found in a box of items stored in grandmothers attic
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

U.G. is /was a common abbrev. for "Under Graduate" .... perhaps is was connected to a university/college department ?

I'm just guessing here too ....


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"The Taylor, Smith & Taylor Pottery was founded in 1899 by C. A. Smith and Col. John N. Taylor. TS&T began operations as a nine-kiln pottery employing approximately 50 people. In 1903 the Taylor interests were purchased by W. L. Smith and his son. The firm remained under the Smith ownership and management until early 1973 when the plant was purchased by Anchor Hocking Corporation to become the foundation of its Pottery Division."

We can assume seems this is a USA factory that this is a USA plate. Need to figure out what the U.G. Dept was. There seems to be mostly female signatures and the plate seems feminine to me like it was a retirement gift to a woman maybe.

How did you come by this? Perhaps knowing what state it was located may help figure out what U.G. is.

Neat & interesting find.

eljude's picture

Thank you for the information you supplied on your post. I never even thought of a retirement gift! Our grandmother, from West Virginia, died a few years ago and a lot of her things were stored away, while going through some of it last week, we came across this plate in a box of odds and ends. There was a glass factory in Paden City, WV, a few miles away, and we just assumed it probably came from there, but we haven't been able to locate any more information on it either, so, don't really know if it was made there or not. We know that she nor her husband ever worked at the factory, but we think perhaps one of her sisters might have, but again, we don't really know. There is no connection to our family to anyone named "Humme", so, our search for information continues.
Again, thank you for your response.

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