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Stove board by Wabash Screen Door Company

This stove board very clearly has the manufacturer name, "Wabash Screen Door Company" printed on the wood side. The other side is tin (?) and has some rust, but you can still see the original pattern in places. I read that the company was open from the late 1800's to sometime in 1950 but I don't know anything else at all about it. I had never even heard of a "stove board" before I looked it up, but I just think it's very interesting and would love to know anything about it and if it might have any value besides being a conversation piece on my wall.

wood and tin
Distinguishing marks: 
Wabash Screen Door Company
Date Period: 
late 1800's to 1950's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
26"l x 32"w
It was found in the basement/crawl space of an empty house
For Sale?: 


Lee J Staveley's picture

What is this worth? Please and Thank you!


































































































g62skidoo's picture

Hi Lee, I was just given one of these stove boards. Mine is a No. 94 Walnut, where you'es say No. 6 crystallized. And you'res is in excellant condition, I am restoring the letters with charcoal then I will clear stain it. I am guessing looking at the wood you'res is walnut also, I have no idea what the crystallized means but it is beautiful. I have found one all beat up like mine, differant dimensions, for $45.00. Good luck with you're seach for knowledge.Gary











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