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sss india brass chims

i have three brass chims, one is about 3 inches high 2 nd is about 2 inches high and the 3 rd is about an inchor little more in height.they have engraved  on the brass loops ( looks almost by hand) the letters (sss india) the all have engraved of three numbers, each chim has different numbers.the smallest chim was engraved deep so that you can see them will.those numbers are 588 on one side of the brass loopand the other side plainly reads sss india. they all look like they were hand engraved. i would like to know what the value are of these chims. They have been in my family for many years.

Asian Art
Distinguishing marks: 
Sss lindia looks like hand engraved they also consist of three hand graved numbers on the other side of the brass loops
Date Period: 
Don't know
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Apox,3-3.5 inches tall for the first chim, -2_2.5 inches for the second chim and about 1_1.5 inches tall for the 3rd brass chim.
Not very heavy ,pretty light
My grandmother gave them to my mom , she gave them to my brother and he gave them to me.
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