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Sears one hundred year anniversary Liberty coin

Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

This is an interesting little "coin" that I have never run across until now. It has the face of the Statue of Liberty on its face and says "Liberty" at the bottom with a reference date of 1982, even though the main dates on the coin show up as 1986, the centinnial of Sears Co. Also on the front along the edge, it says "contains authentic material". On the back, it has the number 100 with "celebrating sears new century 1886-1986. The coin is almost quarter sized. Any help on the value of this coin would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking and take care!

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says on the coin "contains authentic material"
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found in a garage
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I just looked it up to and found out it is not a legal tender so it does not have much....Only to ppl that collect medallions and such things....Sorry I found one and and was disappointed with the search results.

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