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Put another Nickel in Toy Bank Music box

I do not have the ability to post pictures. This is a music box/bank that is in the shape of a piano with a man sitting on the stool playing it. It is not mechanical, the man does not move, but when you put money in, the music box plays "Put Another Nickel in the Nickelodeon". Man has bowler hat on, a mustache, yellow shirt and green pants with suspenders. He is almost cartoonish in appearance. Piano is brown and has the wood grain molded in. On the front of the piano is a book with the words "Put Another Nickel In." Bottom has a 'made in Japan' sticker and the number 6559.

Antique Toys
appears to be ceramic of some sort, or glass
Distinguishing marks: 
Has "Put Another Nickel In" on the piano music stand, 6559 number on bottom
Date Period: 
not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
about 6 inches wide and tall
around 1/2 lb
was given to me by an elderly gentleman at a church I work for.
For Sale?: 

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