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Pump Organ

This Estey pump organ is in excellent condition. It plays well, if you have the leg muscles to pump it! Using the serial numbers that are imprinted in the wood with the Estey Date estimator on their website, it shows that this organ was manufactured between 1850 and 1855. The man from whom I purchased it, said that he thought it was from before the Civil War, as those dates confirm. It has candle holders/flat wooden disks on each end that stand 14 inches from the top of the organ. It has a great deal of ornamental carving on the music stand and on the sides. The only thing that we added, was some carpet pieces to the pedals to make it easier on the feet to pump.

Fine Art
Oak wood
Distinguishing marks: 
Estey Organ Company
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
53" wide X 48" tall X 27" deep
approx. 250 lbs.
I purchased it at a yard sale from a man who got it from a country church in the county.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Based on your images, your pump organ dates from the 1870's. The style of it is called "Eastlake", after the English designer Charles Locke Eastlake, his design book published about 1868 , his designs being very popular in North America after 1870. As for value, well pump organs are what's often called " Dust Collectors" in the trade, few people want them, most sell for less than you paid for yours.



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