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print by A. Sehring signed "Perfect Bouquet"

Picture of 2 young girls by a pond lookin at flowers with a gathering of trees and small water background(coud be at a cliff). One girl has a pink dress and long blonde hair carryin a basket. The other girl is shorter with dark hair in a pony tail picking some of the flowers.It is not a oil painting but probably a print. Signed by A. Sehring at bottom. It is framed inside another arger frame with a metal attachmnta bottom of frame "Perfect Bouquet" by A. Sehring. It looks like a picture tha would be in a office.

framed picture
Distinguishing marks: 
signed in rigt corner by A. Sehring- 302/1600
Date Period: 
not sure
Size and dimensions of this item: 
12 in x 18in in larger frame w/metal marker-Perfect Bouquet by art
bought at thrift stor
For Sale?: 

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