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Princess China - looking for value

Several pieces have only been used twice. balance of service has never been used. Set includes 13 place settings, oval serving tray, oval and round vegetable bowl, sugar and creamer, gravy boat and tiered serving tray. Have found some pieces on Can't find any information on company, years mfg'd, etc. any information would be helpful.

Distinguishing marks: 
princess china trutone star shower pattern
Date Period: 
approximately 40 years
Size and dimensions of this item: 
13 place settings
bought for me over several years, by my grandmother when I was very young. Stored by my mother until my marriage. I've had it since.
For Sale?: 


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I consulted my China guide to see if there might be any more info I might be able to give you on your dinnerware. I specialize in vintage and antique Noritake and asian glassware.

Unfortunately, I really can't give you too much more info than you already have! Some background on why there is so little info available...

During the 1940s, the largest distributor of china in the USA was United China. This importer's largest company was Meito China. Meito China became the most desired patterns and china dinnerware to have for the time. Meito hired a very well known pottery artist to help them develop a new line of their dinnerware for the late 1940s - early 1950s, her name was Eva Ziesel. Eva Z., went on to become one of the most celebrated designers of pottery and china, known world wide.

The other asian china manufacturers were only able to follow in Meito's foot steps. Today, there really is not much known about the lesser know companies. Princess China happens to be one of the smallest out of all of them. They only made approx. 50 different patterns. More than half of their patterns were not named they were numbered. Today there are patterns around that go unidentified due to this system.

In a way, the way this works for you is not too good now, if what you want is to know more about your set. You can continue to search the Internet and get all the info you can and compile it, make sure and hold onto it though! Your set being more scarce than the larger manufacturers' should cause your set to increase in value. At least, maybe your children will realize a very valuable set of china handed down to them!

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