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Pre Columbian Native American Indian Effigy Pottery Vessel

This piece is made of a clay and in the form of an EFFIGY which shows a face on the front of the Pitcher.  It measures 4 3/4" high.  It is either Native American Indian made or Pre-Columbian from South America as far as I can tell.  The person I acquired it from did not know what it was either.  It does show hand painted black geometric designs on the body of the Vessel.  This is all I know about the piece.

Clay Pottery
Distinguishing marks: 
No Marks as it is an Artifact and Artifacts are not signed
Date Period: 
Pre-Columbian or Later
Size and dimensions of this item: 
4 3/4" high
Less than a pound
I acquired this from another person who reported that this was acquired from an auction in Mississippi awhile ago.
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