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Pilgrim Pocket watch

on the face in the oval below the 12 it says PILGRIM, at the bottom below the second counter it says SWISS. it has blue hands. On the guts its stamped " MEYER & STUDELI.s.a." below that says SWISS, and"6SIX JEWELS", then "TWO 2 ADUTS". on the inside of cover it has a crown symbol, then EMPEROR, then the serial number i make out to be 601759. Watch does not work right now, im no professional but the coil spring seems to be un attached. the circle with weight things on the outside is kinda wobbly. i dont know if thats normal. Could you please help tell me when it was made and where, and possibly what its worth? thanks!!

Watches and Timepieces
brass? gold? unsure.
Distinguishing marks: 
pilgrim, emperor, swiss, meyer& studeli,
Date Period: 
late 1800's early 1900's?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
appx. 1-3/4 diameter
2 oz
gift from grandfather. given to him by his father an immigrant. his father died in 1935.
For Sale?: 

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