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Perfection 525 Oil heater

Hello, I found a perfection 525 oil heater at a yard sale and have been able to de-rust it and everything works great, except the font is slightly heat damaged in small areas so the wick  sticks a little and it is missing the flame spreader Sad
The tank appears to be galvanized on the bottom but looks like the seams are brazed more than welded and the top likes like it may be a different material, but not sure. It  is stamped with "Use only no 500, Perfection wicks" with the letter "F" above that. There is a float gauge with a metal arrow and marked at quarter intervals as 1 over 4 (= 1/4) and so on ending with FULL , across from that is an indented, hinged lid with a tab, stamped with a triangle and trade, mark on the outside of it. All mechanical pieces fully functional. 
The outside is all black and has four legs, a triangle stamped on the face along the sides with "Trademark, reg U S Patent Off, No 525" then on an ornate rectangle it is stamped "Perfection, Oil heater, made in, the USA". There are only a few rusty scratches and a couple of small dents with some rust the interior and mostly on the underside and signs of it around the rectangle and the legs.
All in all, it is a beautiful pice of history.

Do you .. by chance .. know where I can get either another tank or the flame spreader itself for this model?



The picture below is of a similar heater but a newer model, I do not have a uploaded picture yet.


General Antiques and Collectibles
Light weight cast iron, all black
Distinguishing marks: 
Triangle stamped with Trademark, Reg US Patent Off, No 525 on the sides and a rectangle with Perfection, Oil Heater (top and bottom) Made In, the USA (spelled top to bottom on the sides.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Standard 42" tall and 24" at the base with 4 legs
13 lb-ish
found it at a yard sale
For Sale?: 


lemsr auctioneer's picture

Hi, I have more than a few of these heaters, and I love them. the burner pots  will fit all the heater shells. If you look on youtube and browse perfection heaters you will find much information.


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