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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Finding your paining was very curious. I have inherited a painting of "The Big Moment" with Paul Detlefsen's signature (including the characteristic P and D in Red) that is 24" high and 36" long (framed). This particular painting has been hanging in my Grandparents home since I was very young. I know it has been hanging there since the mid 1950's.

I am very curious what the value of the painting would be and am finding nothing that would reveal the value to me.

If there is anyone who might help me value the piece I would appreciate any input. You can email me at

Vincent West, Austin Texas

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

This is very interesting. My grandfather has the same painting in his house, only theres more scenery in his. It seems yours was cut off. To the left of the buggy, there is a large barn, and you can see the stream wind into the distance, as well as the road on the left side continuing on.

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 I just purchased this picture today in this same frame but it is the landscape view. it is stunning. I can't stop looking at it and appreciating it.
 it was a gift for me today from my husband. We paid $20. I know it was a steal. The lady was going out of business. Any idea how old this is?

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