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Pale Gold Stemware Fritz Heckert

Pale Gold Stemware Fritz Heckert appraisal

Pale gold glass stemware. It holds 4.5 ounces.
Probably red wine? sherry? port? glass.
Top vessel is 2.5 inches; the remaining
glass is 4.5 inches-total height 7 inches.
The stem and base are hollow with 3 globs
of glass on center of stem (decoration?)
The bottom triangular base, also hollow,
is rimmed. I have 6 (six) of these glasses.
Condition is excellent on 5 of them
ie. no marks, chips or dings.
One of them has a small ding on
the rim of the galss.
I bought these 6 items at an auction.
They were part of a "box lot"
The auction sells mostly early to mid
20th century furniture along with other
assorted items. I have never seen
anything at this auction sell for more
than $1000. A large part of auction are
the "box lots" : boxes/cartons filled with
assorted bric-a-brac, glassware, maps,
books. Most of the box lots sell for under $45.I do believe these glasses are by Fritz Heckert

Medium / Material: 
Distinguishing marks: 
Don't know- but it looks like 19th century to me
7" high, top part of stemware that holds the fluid is 2.5 " high, holds 4.5 fluid ounces
medium weight for stemware
Bought as part of assorted box/carton containes 6 of these galasses and other assorted items. Auction house obviously thought they were relatively worthless.
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