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oval wooden Tea table with removable glass serving tray possibly hand carved

Table is oval and has what appears to be hand carving around the top. There is a removable glass serving tray. Under the tray is a hand carved design that I am not familiar with. I call it a "Merman" because it looks like a man of the sea with long hair at the tail end is a cherub on what appears to be a whale or fish and at the front (almost directly below the man's elbow) is another fish or whale. The table has carved claw feet and is in excellent condition for its age with exception to one of the legs appears to be slightly chipped. I know nothing about antiques to know what marks to look for or determine value or if the carving is something significant. If I had to guess I'd say it was a mahogany wood.

Distinguishing marks: 
none present
Date Period: 
early 1900's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
table is 28" long and 21" high
10 to 15 lbs
Table belonged to inlaws of my Aunt.
For Sale?: 
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

The dating Lovejoy gave was right...I have a Merman carved table that I can date back to at least the early 40's through photo's, but I think they are worth more than was quoted. The refinished ones sell for $300-$500 depending on the condition. I have one in excellent condition and never refinished that would be worth more than the $500 a refinished one is worth. People don't understand that refinishing furniture depreciates the piece drastically. A true collector would much rather have a piece with the original patina in good condition than a refinished piece.

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Thanks for your comments.  I think that the table has it's orginal finish on it don't think anyone has re done it.   After talking with many people, we've narrowed it down to  being a picture of Poseidon that is etched into it and have tried searching for this  but had no luck.  I'm taking it to a furniture appraiser this week to see if they can determine a value for me....Again, thanks for the information

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