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"New Home" Sewing Machine Table and Sewing Machine

have no idea

looks like a small wooden table.....but top portion folds to the side doubling original surface area...then you kind of "pull up" the sewing machine and its mounted on another piece of wood that locks into place becoming the top of the table....has small electric motor mounted to side with small lamp and original power cord.  of course its not dreadfully old since the electric motor is present.....this was left in a small home I was renting to a couple and I just dont know whether to go donate it to goodwill or put it on craigslist for $$$.  Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  I can add more photos if necessary.

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It was a "Spam' posting, some people post affiliate sales links in forums like this with lots of web traffic to try and get sales. There is software in place to block the automated ones, but the ones these guys put in manually have to be removed one at a time. When I see them I click the "Offensive" button and they'll be removed.

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