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Need Info/Value on 1880s Humpback Trunk

The trunk is in fairly good shape considering what is thought to be its age (1880s?).  Dimensions are 34" x 22" x 19 1/3".  No mold that I can see.  Slight rusting to the metal parts and normal wear to wood.  Only the one strap pictured is intact, the other two are broken.  The hardware on top says "Pat Mar 1880" which is the patent date from the research I've done.  The lock says Pat Jul 972 which is apparently the patent date of the lock as July 9, 1872.  I don't know much else about this as I received it from a friend that didn't want it.  Any info and value would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Wood and unknown metal
Distinguishing marks: 
Pat. Mar 1880 on hardware, Pat Jul 972 on lock, Victorian picture inside
Date Period: 
1880's maybe
Size and dimensions of this item: 
34" x 22" x 19 1/3"
Don't know anything but through research found that it is a humpback trunk, the lock is from July 9, 1872 and it is possibly from the 1880's from the patent mark.
For Sale?: 


flor89's picture

     We own a trunk that is exaclly like yours. We are also trying to find information about where it comes from. The trunk was given to my mothers great grandma by her husband, when they were going to get married. The trunk was purchased in Benson, AZ and then taken from there to Sonora, Mex. If you have any more information of the trunk we would be pleased if you could give us that information. We will give you more information that we find to you, thank you.

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