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Magic Chef American Stove Company 1930s Stove Oven MINT CONDITION

This is an absolutely mint condition 1930s Magic Chef American Stove Company stove and oven combination.  As you can see from the pictures, this stove is in mint ORIGINAL condition!  It is not restored in any way, what you see is the original condition and it is unlike any other original stove you've ever seen from this era! 

We purchased it in 1982 from the original owner's daughter.  It was used purely as a display item in the dining room of our home until 1996.  We then moved to a much smaller home and it has sat on a wall in my home office for the past 12-years.  It has never been subjected to outdoor elements or temperatures.  Also has never had things sitting on top of it, scratching it!  Always treated like the true original antique that it is! 

My wife insists that we keep it, but the reality is that it will be years before we are able to move back into a larger home with enough space to properly display, and my home office needs a file cabinet right where this stove sits, so it's time to find the proper new owner for this great stove!

We are firm on our price of $2500! Non-negotiable.  If we can't get this amount for it, then we'll relocate it to my wife's parents' home where there is plenty of room to display it.  We already have our 1932 Koken barber chair and pole on display there, so what's one more item going to hurt?

General Antiques and Collectibles
Porcelain and Heavy Cast Iron Metal
Distinguishing marks: 
Magic Chef American Stove Company Logo
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
40" wide, 20" deep from wall, 35.5" tall to top of stove, 52.5" tall to top of clock timer
HEAVY! 3-400 pounds?
We purchased from original owner's daughter in 1982.
For Sale?: 


Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have the exact stove sitting in my basement, and it's used quite often when we have family get-togethers.

There's a plate on it that says American Stove Company St. Louis MO.U.S.A.  Stove No. 1534  Seriel No. 1345.

The hanging black knobs that were on the oven & broiler are missing, and I'd like to know where to buy replacements.

gott2beme's picture

I was given this same exact stove.  I was told that there was a problem with the gas.....not sure what exactly.....but would like to convert it to electric.  I had found a link a few years ago for a kit that would allow me to do this but cannot find it now.  Can you help?  I am also missing the hanging knobs and the knobs for the bottom drawers as or where can I get those?

Thank you,


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