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Late 16th Century German Deacon's Bench

This is believed to be a Deacons bench from the late 16th century and is of German origin. It may not look comfortable, but it really is very comfortable to sit in. Not only am I curious about it's true story, I am also interested in selling it. I want no less than $1000 for it. As it is very old and in remarkable shape as well as it being a very unusual piece. Several antique dealers have seen it and have said they've never seen anything like it before.

Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Late 16th Century
Size and dimensions of this item: 
approx 4ft tall, approx 4 ft wide, and 2ft deep
not sure
I got it from one of my customers as a tip for repairing her windshield. She couldn't sell it at her garage sale and asked me if I liked it and it was mine. She said that she and her husband were stationed in Germany and had purchased the bench at a church sale. The church was being demolished and they were selling all furniture from it. She said that the arm rests had a gargoyle face on them at one time but she took them off while still in Germany and never kept the original faces that were on it. She said the faces looked like medieval lion heads and they had a brass colored ring of unknown metal in their mouths. I had a friend that ran an antique store take a look at it and he believes that it is over 400 yrs old but has had repair done about 100 years ago. No mop marks on the legs exist, but the bench could have been in a church that never Has had structual repair done to the lid on the seat.
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