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Lane & Co Siamese Cat & Two Kittens TV Lamp

"This Lane & Co "three cat" TV lamp is extremely popular with collectors, and it's high demand is usually reflected in the price it brings. Much less common tham the "two cat" Lane, it's also hard to find one that hasn't fallen victim to careless handling." (From TV

This piece is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, or breaks. There is very little crazing. The lamp works as seen in the photos.

I am in love with this piece but would like to see someone who loves cats or collects vintage TV lamps to add this to their collection. But...I really don't know the true value although I know I bought it at a great price!

Lamps and Chandeliers
Distinguishing marks: 
1963 Lane & Co Van Nuys, CA L-2011
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Apprx 12" tall 13" wide
This one is the rare lamp, Lane & Co also made a Siamese Cat & One Kitten TV Lamp that isn't as rare. I found my lamp at the Antiques Trading Post in Berlin, OH. The cat and kittens were missing the blue crystal eyes and I bought and replaced them.
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