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Kie Fung Yuk Wine Pottery Crock

 From what little I can find out this is a very and very rare bottle for shipping wine. Most bottles are found in Chinatown and where they built the railroads.

For this particular brand I have only been able to find only one other picture on the internet and only two websites that have any mention of this item.

It does not have any kind of markings about 'federal law prohibits' so it has to be before prohibition.

There are a number of labels on it and you can see them in the photos. One label is in English and gives the size as one pint 10 fl. oz. under 100% of liquor.

It is marked on the bottom and on the label with the maker's name.

I am looking for a lot of money for this but I will consider all offers. This may wind up in an auction depending on the appraisal.

Antique Bottles
Distinguishing marks: 
Kie Fung Yuk
Date Period: 
Late !800's - Early 1900's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
1 Pint Size
These were used to transport wine from China to the US and other places.
For Sale?: 
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