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Jay Siverheels' Parade Saddle

Full Prade Saddle from Jay Silverheels (Tonto from the Lone  Ranger TV series) Made by Utahn Saddle Company, early 60's. Model number 86, serial #3865. Purchased from Jay's neighbor in Southern Ca.

Includes personalized canteen as well. Feel free to call with questions.



For Sale?: 


fishwhacker's picture

Hi there,

I am messaging regarding the parade saddle you posted. It is a lovely piece. As to any additional value for it being Tonto's, it really would require some documentation. Some proof that shows transfer of ownership, a photo with Jay on it etc. How much are you asking?

Thanks for your time,


baron19a's picture

Hi Nicholas,

Yeah, this is an odd ball item. Really beuatiful. Since the saddle was bought from a neighbor of Jay's, there's no real documentation. Still I'm hoping the serial number matched with a customer list from Utahn will sinch the authenticity. Right now I'm trying to get this thing appraised and find out as much as I can, but eventually my intent is to sell. I can't really put a price on it till I know what I have.



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