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International Silver Company 8oz teapot with mark on the front. hinged lid.

I will include pictures tomorrow.

Silver and Silver Overlay
I want to guess silver. It's as heavy as pewter but it's silver and tarnishes.
Distinguishing marks: 
On the bottom it says "INTERNATIONAL SILVER CO. " below that is "09C 8 oz" A square with a 64 inside it and a large number 1 on the front it has a circle with airline type wings. Inside the circle is the letter A and below the A is CO. Under the lid is a number 1
Date Period: 
With the marking on the front, It looks like it might have been used by an airline so my guess would be early to mid 1900's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
it says 8 oz. It's approx 6 inches tall and from spuot to handle about 5 inches wide.
aboout 1/2 lb.
Bought at an auction
For Sale?: 

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