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The Huntsman's Courtship

The painting or print itself appears to be in great condition. It is behind glass and framed. There are some words that are difficult to read. I got a magnifying glass and can make out some. They are small and in old format cursive. They say "Published in the year 1901 by J.P. Mendoga limited James Gallery King Street S.W. Copyright" Those are not all the words but are the ones I could decipher to the best of my ability. My husband purchased an older model truck and among many things in it I found the picture already framed and behind glass. I'm curious as to any worth or value of it.

Distinguishing marks: 
S.E. Waller
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
The print is 23 inches by 29 inches
I found it in a old truck my husband purchased
For Sale?: 


bluerose's picture

The picture I uploaded is not the picture I have. It is what mine looks like but I looked online and found it and saved the picture to use. Mine is the same except the color is much lighter; almost black and white with the exception of the reds and the green in the trees. Mine also has the extra words written that I already stated

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