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How much is my China set worth?

How much is my China set worth? appraisal

This China has belonged to my mother for as long as I can remember.  I believe she purchased it overseas on one of my Dad's tours(military).  With the help from purchasing @ I was able to get the pattern # for the set, Winterling/Bavaria, pattern WIG1149.  This was a big help.  I have traveled with this China myself for many years and unfortunately I have used it only once for Thanksgiving in 10 years.  I am interested in finding the value of all the pieces so I may know what I can expect to recieve for it when I decide to sell them.  I will list all the pieces I have at another time as they are still packed , save for the two from the pictures.

Medium / Material: 
Distinguishing marks: 
Winterling Mark Leuthen Bavaria
I really do not know this. Any info on this would be great also.
Many pieces, many differnet sizes.
This set has been my mothers for as long as I can remember. There are a few pieces that are chipped due to many moves from overseas and within the U.S.
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