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Highway Hi-Fi 16 2/3 rpm Records

The set consists of six Diablo 16 2/3 rpm records in their protective sleeves, as well as an order form, and registration card. Also included is a booklet listing all of the songs included on the records. Some of the songs include: Davy Crokett, King of the Wild frontier, Gene Autry, The horse No Man Could Ride, The Pajama Game, Percy Faith, Romantic Moods, Tchaikovsky Symphony, Paul Gregory, The First Drama Quartette, Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra. These are just a few of the songs on these records. Some literature I have found states that there were 36 of these records released in late 1955 when the player became available (records 1 through 6 came in a box set with every new player) and an additional 6 in mid 1956 for a total of 42 different titles, not including the dealer demo records from 1956 that were used to promote the features of the cars on test drives. I am anxious to find out the value of this set.

Distinguishing marks: 
Highway Hi-Fi trademark
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7 1/4"x7 1/4"
2 lbs
Was made for the 1956-1958 Chryslers Hi-Fi record players. I found them when we cleaned out my grandparents house a few years ago.
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