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Hedco Lamp

This Hedco lamp once belonged to the parents of a friend. It ws purchased approximatly 50 years ago from a furniture store in central Indiana.

Lamps and Chandeliers
Hand painted white glass, cast metal base, clear glass chimney
Distinguishing marks: 
Hedco Inc New York 10 NY 300 cast into base
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Approximatly 24 inches tall Globe is 12 inches in diameter
8-9 pounds
parents of a friend purchased this lamp approximatly 50 years ago from a furniture store in central Indiana
For Sale?: 


250chief's picture

You have a very nice looking lamp. Can you tell if it was made this way or is a modified oil lamp? About that time the lamps of this style were being made electrically too. If it's a modified oil lamp, unfortunately that will reduce the value significantly - unless the modifications can be undone (i.e. no holes drilled). Assuming it was drilled or damaged then you are probably looking at a value of about $90 +/- in working order. This is mostly for 'parts' price.

If it is an original electrical version the value will be about $120 +/-

They are very pretty but not in high demand right now.

Also check for signatures and marks. There are some artists and manufacturers that command a higher price.


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