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Handmade Wood Chair with Leather laced seat

Very sturdy and comfortable wooden chair. I can only find 2 nails in it. One starts the leather strip and the other one to finish holding it. The braces are all strong and the chair does not squeak and nothing is loose on it. One end of the leather strip has broken from the original nail but it does not affect the stability of the seat. It is very firm. It appears to have a makers mark imprinted on the top of the seat back slat. I can't find much info on this so I would like to know if anyone has an idea of the maker's mark and possible furniture style and era. The wood is hard and it has a tight grain. Thanks.

American Furniture
Wood and leather
Distinguishing marks: 
Mark imprinted on top of back (see picture)
Date Period: 
Old maybe more than vintage?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
18" wide at top of back, Seat is 18" wide at front and 15" at back X 13.5" deep, 15.5" from ground and 33" to top of back
about 5#
Purchased at a flea market, without any knowledge of background or history.
For Sale?: 
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Chairs like this are difficult to date as they have never really been out of production, I've seen examples handmade from the 1930's that are identical to originals made in the mid 1700's. They are primitive pieces that were made all over the eastern seaboard from the earliest days, but even though some are of great age, values for them remain modest. We see 19th century examples sell at auctions all the time for under $100.00.


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