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Hammat bowl

Brown outside natural finish,no glaze.
Inside glazed brown,with streaks of white

Distinguishing marks: 
hammat original G 12
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7" long x 5 1/2"wide x 2 1/2"tall
purchased from thrift store
For Sale?: 
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

 Thanks for all the information everyone.  Do these pieces bring any money at auctions?  I have an oblong piece about  15" x  7" that I inherited.  I don't know how to display it...Any ideas?  Thanks again for all your input and knowledge.

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Hammat Originals are by Flora Eckert Hammat in about 1945 (+/- 7 years) in Oklahoma. She studied the art at a university in California. I believe she is still living in Oklahoma today.

Her shapes are "bio-morphic" using forms found in nature. She used leak proof glazes that are/were prized by florists etc. and were typically unglazed on the outside. She sold in a number of department stores.

You appear to have the model G12 from her work. You will notice the 3 foot base, which is indicative of a better professional artist. It's hard to form legs on a piece and get it to sit upright without tilting (or rocking if it has 4 feet) so most will form the piece to sit flat to the bottom.

The "Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery" has carried her work so if you check copies of it out you will likely discover more.

The lower profile forms, such as this one, typically sell for about $15 - $20 at auction. Taller forms are generally more desirable because they display better.

So it's a nice piece, and is likely to appreciate in price (of course you have already made a potential 4000% profit, having bought it at $.35!) but it is currently at a low enough value that you might wish to simply enjoy it as a candy dish or some such!


-Primary Vintage and Antique areas of interest:
Bells (brass and glass), Mining Memorabilia
Oil Lanterns, Fire Dept Memorabilia
Railroad Material, Unique Items
Chromatic Glassware

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THANK YOU 250 Chief!!!!
great info.We appreciate all of you who take your time to share
your knowledge.Alot of times we can find some info on internet,but
it only takes you to a certain point,and then to proceed you have to buy books or subscribe to a service.So again thank you.

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