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german m.hohner harmonicas

goliath flowers on corners.4 circles on each side markings in cicles people a face ulm,1871 on other side circle markings stutt-gart,1881,a lady,small writing. in the middle of the circles two hands holding a circle that says gsetzl,gesch no star.on the other side the goliath made by m.hohner germany same flowers on each side.the it plays in c. the box isreddish in colorwith a snake skin texture on bottom and sides.THE other is an echo harp same company. it plays in c g on side says echo bell metal reeds registered,thats the c side on the other side g two hands holding a circle that says gesetzl/gesch in one of the circles it says grand prix paris 1937 grand prix geneve 1927 grand prix phila 1926 grand prix1893

Music and Music Instruments
metal and wood
Distinguishing marks: 
the goliath 1871 1881 hands holding a circle
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
8 to 10 inches long
i have two m.hohner harmonicas ones a goliath the other a echo harp
For Sale?: 
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