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Forbes Silver Co. Tray


Forbes Silver Co
K S In "eagle head" on back of tray
Pattern 5741
 The halmark is very clear on our piece.
Oval tray with grape pattern on the edges.  Silver plated over copper.
My wife’s grandmother received it 10/28/40. They scratched that on the back. Any ideas of value? Originally and now?
Here is some info I found online about Forbes but nothing in the 1940’s. I am just trying to find the story out.
The Forbes Silver Company was established in 1894 as a part of the Meriden Britannia Company. The department specialized in quality silver plating of holloware. Holloware refers to larger pieces in the hollowed form such as; teapots, coffeepots, pitchers, bowls, mugs, vases, and including serving trays.
The Meriden area in Connecticut has a long history of silversmithing and the manufacture of pewter and britannia. Many smaller firms organized into the Meriden Britannia Co. to better production methods and supply the public. The company had branches in London and Canada and sales offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. It was the officers of this company that were instrumental in forming the International Silver Company in 1898.
The Forbes Silver Company mark is also listed under the Meriden Britannia Co., Ltd. (the Canadian subsidiary). It may have been used into the 1920's. Cross reference through the Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, 4th Ed., Dorothy T. Rainwater and Judy Redfield (Schiffer


Silver and Silver Overlay
Silver plated copper
Distinguishing marks: 
K S In "eagle head"
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Size and dimensions of this item: 
My wife’s grandmother received it 10/28/40. They scratched that on the back
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