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Forbes Silver Co Quadruple Plate (601)

A set of three cups (tea set possibly) with a mark on the bottom that reads "Forbes Silver Co USA" on the top half of the mark and then "Quadruple" on the bottom half. There is an eagle head in the center of the mark. The number "601" is stamped just underneath the mark. They are pretty tarnished but I am sure they can be proffesionally restored. The front of each of these cups has a shield with a capital H in old english lettering. The center of the cups are copper and the top, bottom and inside are all silver. If you know what they are and about what they are worth I would be greatly appreciative. I am not selling them, I just want to know. Thanks.

Silver and Silver Overlay
quadruple plate silver, copper?
Distinguishing marks: 
Forbes Silver Co, USA, Quadruple, Eagle in center of mark, number 601 under mark
Date Period: 
1894-? (I know they discontinued the "quadruple" mark around 1898 or sooner.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
large one is 3 1/2" tall with a 3" diameter, middle size one is 2 1/2" tall with a 2 1/2" diameter, and small one is 1 3/4" tall with a 2 1/4" diameter.
Forbes Silver Co was established in 1894 and had something to do with the Meriden Co. I know that the "Quadruple" mark was discontinued before the turn of the century so I am guessing that these were made between 1894 and 1900. I don't know much else. I can't find them anywhere online.
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