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Empire Art Silver Pitcher E & J.B

We have zero idea what this piece really  is.  Thats why we call it a pitcher.    It doesn't look like any antique coffee or tea pots we've ever seen.  My mother got it from my Great Grandmother as a gift many years ago.  It's very unique.  Has a pounded out appearance and the tip of the nozzle on the spout screws off.   The neighbors have fallen in love with it and want to purchase it but we aren't sure if we should sell it and if we do we have no clue what a fair price would be.  There isn't much information on line about Empre Art Silver by E & J.B but we do know they closed up during the depression.  Thats about all the info we have on the artist.  Any opinions would be great.

Silver and Silver Overlay
Silver or Silver plated not sure
Distinguishing marks: 
crown with the words Empire Art Silver E & J.B circling the crown
Date Period: 
1890- 1930
Size and dimensions of this item: 
11 inch's tall 5 inch's at it's widest
Gift from Great Grandmother
For Sale?: 


SilverSmith's picture

This item appears to be a pre-prohibition era cocktail shaker.
IWithout actually inspecting the item it appears to be silver plated over nickle silver. Nickle silver is a type of brass.

It is worth perhaps $100.



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