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Elgin 10k Gold Filled Bezel 17 Jewels Screw on back. Serial #'s + signatures

It has some light scratches but no dents and nothing wrong except needs tuning. Can set time but it is not ticking. When entered serial number, 387 is grouping? The back is a screw on and is double plated. The sides have beautiful etching and on the back bottom there is a fluer de Lis or a bird... I attached detailed pictures. The inside looks brand new. There is numbers and logos all in pics. On back plate:a star,,10k gold filled, 6346329, 2 sets of #'s or name but can't make out, looks like hand written/etched. Serial # 24040969.
I cant find this particular Elgin on net or value. I did find it is a 387?
My camera seems to show more than the eye can see because it shows scratches that I cannot see. And in one pic of back a shadow may look like dent but is just shadow. Also blue tint on hands/arms.
Thank you so much,

Watches and Timepieces
Distinguishing marks: 
Back plate star,,10kt gold filled, #6346329, 2 sets of #'s or letters but can't make out. serial # 24040969
Date Period: 
1920's ?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
2" diameter 1/4" wide
was my grandma's. she passed in eighties and had this long time. never used though.
For Sale?: 

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