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Ed Roos Co Sweetheart Cedar Chest

This is an Ed Roos Co of Forest Park, ILL. red cedar chest.  Roos Sweetheart Cedar Chest.  Style #8032.  Serial #B50727.  The inside is in mint condition and has the original paperwork stapled to the inside cover.  It has a branded mark in the same location.  It has he oringnal removable "shelf" inside.  The outside is in not good condition.  The top needs to be sanded and redone.  Some of the veneer has come off the bottom.

American Furniture
Red Cedar wood
Distinguishing marks: 
Ed Roos Co. of Forest Park, ILL
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
46" long, 20" wide, 25" tall
I purchased this chest at an antique store in Massachusetts.
For Sale?: 


Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

heyyy, my name is april,and i currently
own a roos cedar chest sweetheart and i was wondering if you new how much the chest would be valued at, in this year of 2009.the chest seems to be in good condition and has not a dent or scratch on it!.. thank you,

Lovejoy's picture

The Roos company was in business from 1916 - 1951, operating in Forest Park Illinois. The company produced these chests in all the popular styles from Colonial to Art Deco. Your chest is in what is referred to as "Waterfall style", the style getting it's name from the curved top. Most of these pieces Most of these chests are composites, mixing features from English period furniture from Elizabethan to early Georgian II.  Values vary considerably for these chests, depending on quality of construction, wood type, but damaged examples like this one sell for less than $100.00



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