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convert-o Anthony Brothers tricycle

It is a metal tricycle made by Anthony Brothers.  It is completely metal.  The weight of the tricycle is very heavy.

Antique Toys
Distinguishing marks: 
None that I know of, beside of the name Anthony Brothers
Date Period: 
Not sure of the date
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Can't determine that either
Can't determine that
I don't know much about the item, except that my father works at the sanitation department and someone threw the item out. He noticed it and brought the item home. My mom said that it looked like it could be an antique because she hasn't seen that type of tricyle in years.
For Sale?: 
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Here you go from Lovejoy's dusty files: BTW they sell for about $150.00 at auction.

"In 1949 Tony Anthony began selling his invention, the Convert-O Bike, under Anthony Brother's Refrigeration Co.   Anthony worked as a engineer for Northrop, and used his knowledge of aluminum to fabricate the cast aluminum tricycles.

Twenty years ago, Brother developed the LO-Boy Trike for a child suffering from spina bifida.  The unique desing utilized a hub with bearings, which allowed easier pedaling for handicapped children.  Anthony Brother continues to produce high quality aluminum tricycles and bigwheel type ride-ons, including a hand-propelled version.

Convert-O Bike Factoid

All Convert-O Bike tricycles from 1984 forward are stamped, so that date of manufacturing can be pinpointed rather accurately. These stamps appear on the back of the fork or on the step plate.   Also, in the late 1970's, these tricycles underwent a couple of changes.  First of all, the crank design changed.  Prior to the late 70's, the cranks were more rounded and only 1/4 of an inch in thickness.  After the change, the cranks were flattened and increased to 1/2 inch in thickness.  Prior to this change the step plate was also designed different, having a bump and a reflector that does not appear on newer models.

Anthony Brother did not use the letters Q and Z

January - June 1984........................1/4"  A

July - December 1984.....................1/4"  B

Every six months the letter increases by one until 'Y'

Then letters start over in 1/8" size

January - June 1996........................1/8"  A

July - December 1996.....................1/8"  A

January - June..................................1/8"  R"






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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

 i have one of these tricycles if your interested. call me at 951-601-3839

im taking offers on it. if i dont answer leave me a message thanks

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