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The stamp on the back (bottom-hard to see) says that it's "Series A, Number 1158 out of 2500"

Dont know much more then that. The rocker is in absolutely amazing condition..doen't really look like it has ever been used to be honest. It was passed down from an old woman who had it passed down from her mother.

It is a very beautiful piece...looks to be made out of a dark cherry wood of some sort.

American Furniture
Looks to be a dark cherry wood
Distinguishing marks: 
Hand carvings and hand painting (pictures included)
Date Period: 
1776-1976?? Not really sure...
Size and dimensions of this item: 
50 lbs
Was passed down
For Sale?: 


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Submitted by Savage (not verified)

I'm not an expert on furniture, but the plaque is a dead giveaway that this is a piece commemorating the year 1776 (and American Independence), and not a piece that was made in that year.  My guess is that the piece was made for the bicentennial in or about 1976, and therefore would not be an inherently valuable piece.

Steven E. Savage

West Orange, New Jersey 

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Submitted by Savage (not verified)

Is there any other label on the piece that might give you a company name or designer name?  It's really hard to find values on furniture that is newer than 100 years old.  There are dozens of price guides that will help you appraise really old, classical pieces, but I'm not aware of such guides for newer furniture.  I sincerly hope that someone else weighs in because I look forward to learning about any such guides of which I'm not aware.

For the record, even though I do not think your chair is antique, I do think it is a lovely piece and think you should be proud to display it in your home!

Steven E. Savage

West Orange, New Jersey 

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

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Contrary to what the label may infer, these chairs were made in huge numbers from the Bicentennial year and right through the 1980's. Most were made in the Far East and imported into the USA. Values for them is very modest, at auction they often go for less than $100.00. Similar chairs are still available in discount furniture stores.



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This looks like the Paoli Chair Co Bicentennial Rocking Chair.  There were only 2500 of these manufactured in Paoli Indiana (my aunt and uncle worked there and gave one to my grandmother for a Christmas present in 1976).  This was the las year the Paoli Chair made residential furniture. 

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